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Please note: HERC is NOT a school. Instead, it is a resource center dedicated to assisting parents who are homeschooling their own children through various private schools in the area. Through HERC, tutors offer classes in areas of specialty, and are available as independent contractors. Parents may hire these tutors to assist them in teaching various subjects. 

HERC classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Calvary Chapel Westbrook, 6501 Schirra Court, Bakersfield, California. Some of these classes are suitable for junior high students and younger, but many are intended for high school students. If in doubt, please feel free to consult with HERC high school counselors about ways to use these classes to provide complete courses of study for your students.

In addition, HERC offers a variety of clubs, providing opportunities for service or enrichment. 

All students who are on campus for HERC classes are required to wear the official HERC t-shirt! One will be included with each paid family membership on Registration Day, and additional shirts may be purchased at $10 each.

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