Study Skills

“But I Did study!” “I thought I knew the material.” “I am just not good at that class.”“That is not my learning style.” “I did it like this in High School but…” “It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to college anyway.” We have all heard, and said, these same lines for any class or situation. Whether you are studying for a class or learning something new for that new job offer, learning is a life-long experience. Many times it is not the class, topic, job, teacher, or boss. Many times it is the WAY we study that keeps us from learning any material needed. This class will give some insights into the brain and learning, effective note-taking practice, and valuable study skills that can be used for High School, college, church and future work. We will discuss some “learning styles” but will also focus on how to use and develop the wonderful brains that God gave each of us to study better and learn more efficiently. With a little effort and a few changes, we can all “study to show (ourselves) approved and “be transformed by the renewing of our minds”. ANYONE can Learn (and study.)