Speech and Communication

We know that "pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." - Proverbs 16:24. Yet, many cannot adequately convey their thoughts, needs and opinions in an accurate or appropriate manner. "I'm too afraid." "I can't possibly speak in front of class, let alone the whole school; That takes a special gift." "I don't know what to say at a job interview." "I want to talk to my friends about Jesus, but I get tongue-tied and just can't speak." We've all been there at some point. Through hands-on practice, this class will help you fight through fear, research topics, organize, write & present your thoughts. In this small-classroom environment, you will work on listening, critical thinking, and evaluating skills. You will practice spontaneous speech and written speeches, as well as using communication skills for different settings ranging from One-on-One to public speaking. You do not have to be the most talkative type and you don't have to be an arguing expert to get your point across. Whether you want to be a lawyer, an evangelist, or a parent helping their child, speech class will help you build confidence and present yourself well. Material needed for class: notebook, paper, pencil & pen.