Spanish 1 (College Prep) CANCELLED for 2018-2019 school year

According to the U.S census bureau in 2011, 37.6 million U.S. residents spoke Spanish at home, a 117% increase since 1990. Spanish is by far the largest non-English language spoken in the United States making it a growing necessity for language study. This class will teach students to read, write, and speak Spanish and meet basic survival and courtesy requirements. Students will be able to order a meal, make a purchase, follow directions, make small talk, understand present and past tense, gender, number, subject-verb agreement, and memorize Bible verses in Spanish. Different interactive teaching techniques will be used including mandatory projects to enhance learning and enjoyment. Regular homework with a listening component is assigned. Students/Parents correct the homework with the answers provided for immediate feedback and correct practice outside of class. Curriculum and Materials: Spanish 1 for Christian Schools student text AND Spanish 1 Activities Manual , a three ring binder with dividers and index cards. Some textbooks are available in the HERC library. The materials fee is non-refundable. Materials include: listening curriculum, advanced Quizlet membership, homework and verb pages, syllabus, testing, and miscellaneous. A detailed grading sheet is emailed at each semester.