Beginning French--CANCELLED

Why learn French?? Hmmmm...It's a really pretty language.  But beyond the aesthetic, our own English language is replete with French cognates.  Studies show that students who have taken French score markedly higher on the verbal section of the SAT.   This course will introduce your student to the French language using the “comprehension” method.  It will be a relaxed and fun class with lots of activities including music, role playing, art and audio/visual---but will include regular testing to assess your student’s progress.  The textbook and audio materials are available at <> for $139.  This course constitutes one semester of High School French.  If students are interested in continuing, I am willing to offer another semester which would provide a year’s worth of High School credit.   Please note:  This course is being offered to a younger audience because learning a foreign language is easier before the teenage years.