Algebra 1- Updated

Full year course covering the following concepts: definitions of algebraic language; powers; inequalities; equations (basic 2-step and multi-step); factoring and applications of factoring polynomials; functions and graphs, lines, slopes; solving systems of equations; quadratics; and solving rate problems and other word problems. Required: Saxon Algebra 1 Student Text, 3rd Edition (It's orange, be sure it's the 3rd edition). Strongly suggested: Saxon Algebra 1 Solutions Manual. (Seriously, you will want this for correcting any work at home. It has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.) Cost Note: In order to complete the material for the math course in one year, the class will need to meet twice a week. The cost is $525 per year (plus HERC/Materials fees) for classes meeting twice a week ($15 per week x 35 weeks). If a parent chooses to teach some of the material using DVD tutorials or other resources, a student may attend the class once per week (Thurs) for a cost of $350 + $5 supplies fee + $40 HERC fee ($395).  Payment plans available. If your child is not strong in Math, I highly recommend attendance twice a week. If not, they will need to read and comprehend the material on their own/with your help.