Students will review the dances they have already learned, and they will be taught more advanced level patterns in those dances. They will also be taught other dances which they have not yet learned such as Viennese Waltz and Silver Level Foxtrot. We will continue to work on technique, leading, and following skills, proper foot positions, how to count the music, how to listen and identify the beats of music, and how to know upon which beat to start. We will also work on learning how to choreograph routines in case they are ever interested in competing in dance contests. Students must have taken a full year of the Advanced Level 1 class, or have instructor’s permission to join this class. No materials are needed, however, students are expected to wear shoes with leather or plastic soles as they have to dance on carpet and rubber soles do not allow them to slide or spin properly. Tutor maintains the discrepancy to bump up a student from a lower level class into this class depending upon their competency. Deposit to hold class space:  $50 per student Family Plan: Second sibling would receive a 25% discount. plus $40  HERC fee for a total of $346.  Each additional sibling would receive a 50% discount, plus $40 HERC fee for a total of $244.  Payment Plan: If necessary, payment plans will be available, and those with extenuating financial circumstances and needing to make monthly payments may do so only through automatic bank debit (set it up with your bank to send me a check each month).